Open for photo projects & commissioned works for brands/agencies/artists!

Let’s get the most of the marvelous locations in NYC and live a very special model experience being photographed  in a fine art, fashion or lifestyle shooting.

If you are a photographer or an enthusiast,  deepen your knowledge  and skills in film photography and model direction.

Maybe you are someone who loves the distinctive look and mood of   film portraiture. Get your portraits and use them for  business purposes, model agencies or just keep them for you and  your family.

I will book some part of my unplanned time for these activities,  I will be happy to share with you  my passion and experience.

I am open to new and creative  ideas  so please feel free to let me know if you have any other proposal. See you soon!!  🙂  – Luis

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I love being in touch with  friendly and creative people.  feel free to contact me for anything  you may need. ♥


Mobile/Whatsapp : +34 690 35 80 01

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