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Luis Martin fine art and fashion photographer

«Luis Martin is a passionate portrait and fashion photographer, currently based in Spain and available for projects worldwide, particularly in Europe and the US.


With a background as an engineer and multinational executive,  his journey into photography began serendipitously, serving as a therapeutic pastime during a period of recovery. Over the time, it evolved not only in a passion; it become his way of life, shaped by continuous training and a deep commitment.


In his most personal projects, his goal is to capture the simplicity, visual poetry, grace, and strength of his models, often intertwined with meaningful scenes, moments, or emotions.

While Luis appreciates and makes use of the advancements in technology, his love for shooting film  with some of the most legendary cameras and film stocks persists. This imparts a  timeless quality  to his personal projects and adds a touch of refinement to his fashion commissions.


He finds joy in sharing his knowledge and experiences, occasionally organizing personalized tutoring sessions and workshops.


Thank you for exploring his world through the lens

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