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Luis Martin fine art and fashion photographer

«I am a passionate fine art, portrait and fashion photographer,  currently based in Spain but available worldwide, mainly Europe and US.


I took to photography by  chance, as a pastime when I was recovering from illness, but  after of years of continuous training it has become not only my devotion but also my way of life.


My aspiration in my most intimate work  is to show the simplicity, visual poetry, grace and strength of my models, often tangled up with  meaningful scenes,  moments or feelings.

Despite enjoying and appreciating what the latest technology  is offering, I still love shooting film: its organic and  timeless look, the process itself and the use of legendary cameras and film stocks.  That is to say  my personal  projects and most exclusive commissioned works are made on film.


I am happy to share  my knowledge and experience,  so every now and then I organize  customized tutoring activities  and workshops».


LuiS Martin

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