Sandra – Boudoir at the Old Flour Mill

We travelled with Sandra and her mother to a lost cosy wheat mill located in a isolated and remote rural area in middle Spain . It was  a scorching  summer  day so we had planned  to have an out of time intimate session there . For our surprise a  traditional local country fair was being hold exactly at that moment and all  the near villages inhabitants had met  for celebration with  music, bars, children attractions, and everything else you can imagine. It was so crowded that it was really difficult to park (lol) . Fortunately we managed to have the intimacy we needed so we become really happy with the session and could also enjoy the nice atmosphere around.

During the shooting I used a relatively wide diversity of cameras and film stocks. This series is basically shot with Pentax67 and Canon Eos 3  cameras and Kodak Trix400, Ilford Fp4plus