Emma – deserted village

Shooting with my friend Emma is always very special, so we aimed to make the best of our  hot early summer afternoon we had ahead. The  session was  prolonged almost till night , making use of the last available natural light.

«Less is More», I absolutely believe in that, but  I am afraid I did not follow the famous Ludwig Mies vander Rohe quote this time again.

Gear used: medium format Contax645 and Pentax67,  large format  4×5″  «David Burnett Combo»  Graflex speedgraphic camera and  Aeroektar 178mm lens. Additionally I also took a  few 35mm shots with my canon Eos3.

B&W negative films:  Ilford PanF50 and Fp4 plus,  Kodak Trix400  and a medium format roll of Tmax400. Hp5plus in large format. Color Kodak Portra400 and Fuji400H

Developed with Rodinal (Agfa R09) and Kodak HC110