Published 20 Feb 2009 at 20:07


EXHIBITION: Luis Sanchez Martin will have his 2 awarded portraits exhibited at the Calumet gallery space

Published 13 Feb 2009 at 15:48


AWARDS: Luis Sanchez Martin was awarded Gold Winner of LPA portraiture competition - Let's Face It 5.

Luis Sanchez Martín awarded with the Gold Winner in the LPA "Let's Face It 5" Competition.

"..This photographer sited in Spain got two of his entries awarded:

Gold Winner: The photography of "Ferenc", a strong and full of character portrait of a mysterious man that the artist knew on the streets of Budapest, became awarded with the first position, the Gold Single Image Winner ..."

Commended:.. The not less intriguing portrait of Jose - an old friend of my childhood - was also judged among the ten best works and qualified as Highly Commended..."

Published 02 Feb 2009 at 15:36

"Magazine - La Vanguardia"

"Dia de Colada" by Luis Sánchez Martín

"Dia de Colada" ("Laundry Day") was selected among the best 100 pictures of the annual 2008 Foto Magazine Competition.
The XI edition has surpassed all the previous rates with a participation of more than 30.000 entries.

Lsmart said - I consider "Día de Colada" a quite experimental photograph in my work, it is based on simplicity, composition and symbology, even the colour is faded out to emphasize that effect. It was taken at the Agadir Fish Port in Morocco. It really caught my eye! -